Bladergang 2013 Edit by 9to5Mixtapes

A new #bladergang edit just appeared, featuring Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Korey Waikiki, Mike Johnson, Erick Rodriguez, Franky Morales, Montre Livingston, Ranier Piramide, Chris Haffey, Ryan Many, Coco Sanchez, Rachard Johnson, Brian Aragon, and Geof Leyva.

Asian X-Games 2011 by 9TO5Mixtape

9TO5Mixtape blesses us with footage from the Asian X-Games that took place in Shanghai, China a few weekends ago. Can't really tell from the edit if the course is too easy or if Soichiro Kanashima, Chris Haffey and Brian Aragon are just too damn good.