Adria Saa – One Love Edit

Adria Saa´s unique style and amazingly big trick vocab has made him one of the most respected european street skaters. Showing endless dedication to rollerblading he busts out trick after trick - day by day!

Adrià Saa „Mineroh“ Interview

Everyone who knows Mineroh, knows that his skating is raw. The spot finder, a guy who was born for moving in the streets, takes Rollerblading as his life and passion. Mineroh is the best friend, he is loyal and he doesn't give up on anything. He can be fucked up in his life and he'll still come to blade or film with a smile on his face. This is Adrià Saa, a guy who lives to blade and to represent everyone that supports him so hard. If you come to Barcelona you will probably get to know him, because BCN streets are a jungle and he knows how to cross it on his blades.

Nimh Spain tour part 1: Marc Moreno, Adria Saa, Paco Rey, Tony Cheetah and some more ripping it up in Pamplona

Summer time is tour time. Grindhouse tour, Be-Mag tour, Vibralux tour - the list goes on. Several teams from all over Europe and the States are currently roadtripping through their countries. Not everyone has the luxury to explore the great architecture of Spain. Well, the NIMH Spain team (consisting of Marc 'Enanoh" Moreno, Adria Saá, Paco Rey and Tony Cheetah) has this luxury. It seems like Barcelona is not enough for them as they embarked on a 2 week trip through their homecountry to find and shred new spots, crash different appartements and experience the exciting life on the road. We just received the first update from the trip! Peep it.

Adrià Saa ”Mineroh” 2010 Edit

Do you think you have already seen all the Barcelona Street spots? Then you're wrong. If you ever go to Barcelona, we suggest you to hook up with Adrià since he knows hundred more secret spots. And above that he knows how to tackle each one properly! Check it out.

SSM Bloodspill Barcelona Edit feat. Humphries, Moreno & Saa

The Bloodspill edits continue, and this time we decided to emanate from Barcelona. I booked a flight and a few hours later I was being greeted by my brother Marc Moreno in the mountainous region of Torre Baro, north east Barcelona. This video is shot over the course of a week. Adria Saa took breaks from his rigorous work routine to join with us and skate. The week passed in a calm and meditative way and we were very happy with what came from our time together both skating and conversing. Enjoy. -Leon Humphries

SSM Bloodline Summer 2013 Montage

Peep this super sick SSM Bloodline Summer 2013 Montage featuring Marc Moreno, Gabriel Hyden, Joey Chase, Adria Saa, Oli Short, Brian Weis, William Isaac, Julian Isaac and Paco Rey. These guys make no prisoners...

Kickstarter for Shredweiser’s The Balas Perdidas Americana Tour

Help the Shredweiser boys to fund their Balas Perdidas Americana Tour through Kickstarter! The roster for the trip includes John Bolino, Brian Bina, Chris Dafick, Erik Stokley, Matty Schrock, Marc Moreno, Adria Saa, Miguel Ramos, Seba Seufferheld, and Steve Gasstation. They plan on venturing through Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Yellowstone, Reno, Yosemite, Zion, Vegas, New Mexico, Arizona, San Diego, and Los Angeles and produce a tour video of the trip!

SSM ‘The Bloodline’ Promo Edit

Watch the new SSM 'The Bloodline' edit featuring Firstbloods Joey Chase, John Bolino, Billy O'Neill, Brian Shima, and Marc Moreno, Secondbloods Matty Schrock, Dave Lang, Adria Saa, and Remy Meister as well as Prospects Brian Weis, Gene Stagall, Sean Salazar, and Paco Rey.