Forgotten Dublin Footage from Albert Hooi

This edit has been sitting on my computer for months now, waiting to get finished. I never got a chance to re-edit it so its a bit long and messy. But hey, better on here than my desktop. It's a big montage of all the skate footage I shot in Dublin over the last two years. -Albert Hooi

Albert Hooi: 1 Minute 1 Spot

Albert Hooi has been on USD since time began. Something about his silent assassin style makes him one of the most exclusive characters in rollerblading, and someone we are proud to have on the team. Albert’s technical skating is nothing short of mind-blowing, and watching him skate, effortlessly gliding over all obstacles almost, puts you in a state of trance.

Albert Hooi website

Albert Hooi just made a new photography website for his college that contains a lot of great shots taken by the Irish skate beast Al Hooi.