Rob Pruett Interview with exclusive Skatepark Edit

Rob Pruett what can I say, I’ve known this guy/machine for some time now and while I’ve seen rollerblading change over ten years and the tricks progress from a soul on a kink rail to someone throwing down a tech 540° to whatever. It's amazing, don’t get me wrong. It’s fantastic to see the dedication and commitment that guys have to do tricks like this, but it’s also amazing to see one of the very few people left that just goes big, one of the guys who just gets up after taking the skin to the bone after bailing on a 25 foot gap and then just getting up and trying again. Kids take note, there is another side to rollerblading, it’s in the form of RP.

NOIYA Clothing Inline Jam 2011

Noiya Clothing is continuing to organise its annual rollerblade jam at The House Skatepark, Sheffield. The event was won by Alex Burston last year who walked away with the first prize of £300 cash, closely followed by Nick Lomax in second with his £150, and Steve Swain in third winning £75. Since winning last April Alex has gone on to have a stellar year, picking up major sponsorship from Razors. We hope to have him in attendance again this year to defend his title. Rumour has it that Mike Welland might also be about to attempt to regain his title from 2009.

Logan Clark: One Minute One Spot

Some call him Iowa’s golden boy. Some call him Log Cabin. I know him simply as Logan, a rollerblader in every sense and a prospect we should all pay attention to. Logan Clark of Des Moines is a normal kid, until he puts some Remz on his feet. Then, he becomes something much more than that: A ripper, a blading ambassador, and a smiling maniac. Logan rarely is found without a smile on his face, and even more rarely spotted without his blades on his feet. I’ve grown to respect Logan for these reasons and more. Logan is a big part of the Iowa scene, always making people want to strap up and shred. I’ve said it before that his attitude is infectious and I’ll say it again. He never stops skating. I’m sure you’ll be seeing his motivation in person at a comp near you very soon. And if not, you can always catch him somewhere on the streets of Iowa doing what he does best.

Last Man Standing 2010: Amateur competition

Be-Mag sent out one of his New York ambassadors, Joseph Perez, to the first round of this year's Last Man Standing competition. The New York skate scene has been blowing up strongly over the last couple years. Due to the recent New York edits floating through the Rollerblading media the rise of the scene has become even more aware. The first round of the Last Man Standing comp was just another testimony for it. Joseph covered the full event for us and reconstructed the hype that went down there. If this is the Amateur level, I wonder what can be expected next weekend from the PRO-category. Good to know we are sending out again people to cover the event for us here. But now it's time for the Amateur coverage. Enjoy it.

Montreal: Boutique Lylac and the Guillaume Roy Interview

We're always searching for articles to showcase the contributions that people are making for the rollerblading industry from the grassroots level. There are so many people offering so much to the industry who go unnoticed or do not get nearly as much attention as they deserve. These people are the ones responsible for spreading rollerblading to new generations and maintaining the involvement of those already participating while creating a strong network allowing the industry to be more than just a temporary flash in the “extreme sports” timeline. Here is the story of Botique Lylac, The Montreal Classic, Nimh VS Canadian Customs, The Taz Project, and Mathieu Ledoux...