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Angel Soto

BuddyTour 2012

Want to talk skating? Saw that awesome bird in a tree earlier today but have no idea what it's called? Pain in the gut, feeling dizzy? Ian Copp to the rescue! Being it countless polls for nearly every (relevant) topic in Blading, 'bird fagging' or remote diagnosis from the other side of the globe, members of the Be-Mag message board sure are familiar with Ian Copp. Or 'ian from tampa' for that matter. Well, it's Miami, actually. Ummm, where did we break off..? Oh yeah, Ian being the man. He once again cut no costs and spared no effort to bring you the third edition of his infamous 'BuddyTour Series' and actually delivered it – and that's kinda unheard of in the Rollerblading business – on time. Enjoy!... Read More...