Photo Update: NASS

Photographers Ryan Goold and Matt Smith made it to NASS and caught the blading contest at the hottest NASS ever. Featuring CJ Wellsmore, Nick Lomax, Steve Swain, Roman Abrate, Anthony Pottier and Sam Crofts.

Winterclash 2013 Grindhouse Edit

As every year Daniel Prell is the first to post up a full edit of the Winterclash action. And as every year this edit highlights nothing but the big tricks. Clips by Soichiro Kanashima, CJ Wellsmore, Sven Boekhorst, Roman Abrate, Nils Jansons, Eugen Enin, Anthony Pottier, Mathias Silhan, Richie Eisler, Diego Guilloud, Dominic Bruce and many more.

Winterclash 2013 Edit: Hammers!

Jack Toibin put together a quick edit featuring some hammers from the Pro Competition. In the video you can see Cj Wellsmore doing highspeed transfer grinds, Dominik Wagner doing some creative switch-ups on the beyond the big quarter, Nils Jansons 360 Fishbrain and 540 alley-oop Top-Soul as well as Anthony Pottier lacing a disaster 360 Top Soul on the Loco-Skates rail!

Perspectives on Winterclash 2012: Jeremy Suarez

Rollerblade rider Jeremy Suarez has been flying under the radar for quite a long time now. We're not sure why that is though. The tricks he pulls at park competitions all over Europe sure aren't the reason for this. Watch out for Jeremy at Winterclash 2012!

Faces of X-Mas Jam 2010 by Stefanie Barthelmess

Photographer Stephanie Barthelmess set up a little photo booth at the X-Mas Jam in Hamburg, Germany last year. These photos are further effort of ours to make it easier for you to decide wether or not you should be attending this year's event which is going to take place this weekend. As if it even needed consideration... there is absolutely no reason not to go. Enjoy the photos!