Varna / Constanta trip – August 2010

Here is an edit produced by Pavlin "Bash" Ivanov featuring some of East Bulgaria's finest rollers as well as some German import skaters such as Jo Zenk and Assia Zaharieva. Check it out.

Competition Report: X-Mas Jam 2012, German Championships Inline Street

After the madness of the Shred Cologne contest just two months earlier, the final German Masterships session of the year had a lot to live up to. The frozen streets and horrible weather weren’t putting anybody off, with bladers from almost all of Europe showing up to destroy the I-Punkt Skateland for the 2000 € prize money. German competitors were also battling for the title of German Champion for 2012 and the standard was – predictably – furious.

Competition Report: Miniramp Masters 2012 in Leipzig, Germany

For three years the Skate Association Germany has organized the Grindhouse Miniramp Masters. The German rollerblading club is a nonprofit organization whose members spend their free time voluntary to organize the series across Germany. It takes a strong volunteer effort to set up a nationwide series. In its first year, the Grindhouse Miniramp Masters had five tour stops, mostly held in Northern and Western regions of Germany. The second year’s series spread the five tour stops across a wider area of the country. As a non-profit organization, SAG depends on strong partnerships with its partners to put together the best possible competitions. The Grindhouse Miniramp Masters kicked off with its first tour stop in Leipzig, Germany on April 14th.

Competition Report: Grindhouse X-Mas Jam 2011

The X-Mas Jam in Hamburg, Germany is an institution. It has existed for a long time and each year it draws a large international crowd of skaters to compete. Besides being internationally renowned it has become the official German Championships competition, making it the most important contest for this nation.