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DFW B.L.A.D.E. Tourney Official Results and Exclusive Gallery

The 1st annual DFW B.L.A.D.E. Tournament in McKinney, Texas was a good time and a complete success. 20 bladers from all over Texas battled it out at three spots for cash and prizes. In the end, Josh Navarifar skated his way to a first place victory. After the official after party at Delaney’s Irish Pub and Grill in McKinney, OG Dallas blader/socialite Jason Reyna was kind enough to escort us into his home turf of Deep Bellum for a night out. There we hit up the Double Wide to hang out, and met the original singer from Pantera – Terry Glaze. We closed out the night at Serious Pizza, and after watching the Ground Control video at Jason’s house, it was time for sleep. Check the exclusive gallery and official results below, and stay tuned for the official edit from Pat Leal.... Read More...