‘Feel Our Rafts’ by Austin Paz

In January of 2013, Austin Paz, Justin Brasco, Adam Caroselli, Derek Carr, Joey Scannella, and Jorell Davis took a trip from New York City out west to skate and enjoy perfect weather.

‘Originals’: Austin Paz

Create Originals presents an online team video series, 'Originals'. The third installment features Austin Paz, hailing from New York Citys' Staten Island. Filmed in New York & Arizona. -Hakeem Jimoh

Justin Brasco 2012 Roundup Edit

Justin Brasco represents NYC, USD, and Undercover Wheels. Here's a compilation of him killing it in 2012. Filmed by Sam DeAngelis, David Dodge, Jason Reyna, Joey Scanella, Grif Kerry, Austin Paz, Dan Fabiano, Alex Ryerson, Matthew Watkinson, Christian Delfino, and Mike Torres, edited by Mike Torres.

‘For the Love of Brooklyn’ by Adam Caroselli

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent. From the express train to Brooklyn, to the golden coast, and everywhere in between, I invite you to experience skating as I know it, growing up on the streets of NYC. With Ambition, belief, and Austin Paz behind the lens, I bring to you 'For the Love of Brooklyn'. -Adam Caroselli

For the Love of Brooklyn with Adam Caroselli

Almost a year has past, and there's still no love in the heart of the city. Thanks to contributed footage from Austin Paz, Jon Jenkins & Joey Scannella... we have just enough to move on to the next one. -Adam Caroselli

Shaolin Woodward 2011

Austin Paz and friends welcome you to the Summer. This edit features it all. Big Ramps, Wakeboards, endless skateparks and most important, good plain fun. Enjoy...

Slash & Dash Trailer

Slash & Dash will be another release we all can look forward to. It's a documentation of the annual Roc City 'Arizona Trip' featuring the great talents skaters like Tim Adams, Austin Paz, Justin Brasco, Grant Hazelton, Dan Barnes, Steve Bruning, Gary Murphy, Dan Birch, Mike Welland, Neil Diskin, Casey McFarland, Jason Reyna, James Johnson, and Mike Torres. Check out the trailer!

Gnarmpit of America Full Video

Mike Peluso put up his Rollerblading film, Gnarmpit of America, on vimeo. This Rollerblading film comes up with full profiles on Erik Stokley Sean Money and Chris Dafick as well as with clips of skaters such as Jon Jon Bolino, Franco Cammayo, Sean Keane, Austin Paz, Jay Greendyk, Kyle Stokley and many more. Enjoy watching it!