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Australian Rolling Open 2015

After breaking the record of registered competitors last year, the mates behind the Australian Rolling Open are back in 2015, and if you are anywhere...

‘Valo4Life’: Part #7 – Amsterdam & Australia

In 2009, the Valo Brand released 'Valo4Life', their fourth team video. Captured during two years of touring some of most beautiful cities in the world, including Barcelona, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Amsterdam and San Francisco with the international team. Along with the vast amateur talent from across the globe, 'Valo4Life' features with sections from pro riders Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, Brandon Smith, Victor Arias, Soichiro Kanashima, Cosmio Tassone, and Jon Julio. Enjoy the first team video by Ivan Narez – and the only blading video on iTunes – as he and the team work to complete the next Valo team video, 'V', due out Summer 2013.

Competition Report: Australian Rollerblading Open 2012

Back in December, our Aussie correspondents Rob Ham and Simon Kelly hosted the national Australian Rollerblading Open in Canberra. While the northern hemisphere was freezing in the middle of winter, our southern counterparts were melting in the heat with record high temperatures paired with some super technical and intense skating. Check out what went down.

Australia Street Edit by KAL CREW

Awesome street edit from Australia, filmed in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. Featuring some of the best skaters from Down Under such as CJ Wellsmore, Chris Pullar, Danny Jensen, Gavin Drumm, Tom Coley Sowry, Kieran Deans, Matthias Ogger, Josh Nielsen and many more...

Sven Boekhorst: Australian and Global X-Games in 2000 and 2003

In the week before Sven Boekhorst's City Hopper Premiere on January 22nd, we will post several achievements of Sven's career. Today we have two clips. The first is Sven at the Australian X-Games in Melbourne, 2000. The second shows his runs in park and halfpipe at the 2003 Global X-Games in San Antonio, Texas. This was his first event after recovering from a broken ankle. Sven took first in park and fourth on the halfpipe. Tune back in tomorrow for more Sven Boekhorst clips!

Contest Report: 2011 Victorian Inline Skating Titles in Melbourne, Australia

There are two park contests in the Australian rolling scene that have been happening every year for a long time, "The Aussie's" and "The Vics", The Australian Titles being the higher-profile national event that tends to showcase the finest in the country, and the Victorian Titles that hosts the best skating the state of Victoria has to offer, plus whoever else from around the country turns up, and this year was quite an interstate turnout. This tends to be the case these days when it comes to events put on by RollVic, a group of skaters who basically want to see events like these as an opportunity for the sport to grow, for skaters to come together, and for amazing skating to take place. This year's Vic Titles fulfilled exactly those goals, with four of the top five in the Open finals coming other capitol cities.

Josh Nielsen (Razors Australia)

Even though it's winter time in Sydney this is nothing that can stop the Razors Australia flow rider Josh Nielsen. He attacks Sidney's finest spots and leaves his mark on each spot.

Josh Nielsen (Razors Australia)

Even though it's winter time in Sydney this is nothing that can stop the Razors Australia flow rider Josh Nielsen. He attacks Sidney's finest spots and leaves his mark on each spot.

‘Seven Rats’ Premiere in Melbourne, Australia

It’s Friday the 22nd of April, time for the world premiere of Australian DVD ‘Seven Rats’. It was in a dark and filthy cobblestone alleyway right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD that the red carpet was rolled out for all who attended. The appropriately named ‘Rancho Notorious’ was the venue for the evening. Inside on the first level was an old warehouse converted into a gallery showcasing talented Melbourne artists, but this didn’t take importance away from the bar which was serving the finest local and imported beers, wine, and an enormous cheese platter (real rat food). Like most who attended, Josh Clarke strolled in with his eyes set on the bar. The event and venue was one that Melbourne rollerbladers had not experienced before for a premiere, and everyone knew this meant something special.

Seven Rats Premiere at Skatebiz in Brisbane, Australia

The Seven Rats Premiere at Skatebiz almost didn't happen. But one hour before having to leave for the city, the mail man arrived and the call to postpone wasn't needed. Arriving early we rounded up crew at Fat Louie's to take advantage of the happy hour and then the coin game began.