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Australian Rolling Open 2015

After breaking the record of registered competitors last year, the mates behind the Australian Rolling Open are back in 2015, and if you are anywhere...

Australian Rolling Open Report with exclusive Be-Mag Edit

This years ARO was one for the locals. CJ Wellsmore, whose exceptional park skating skills are a product of growing up in the Canberra scene, took first place from his close friend Rhys Bell while Danny Jensen came a close third in the countries premiere Rolling Event. Check out this report and an exclusive Be-Mag edit from Dom West!

Australian Rolling Open 2011 announcement

Here's a quick promo for the Australian Rolling Open which will take place at Woden Skatepark in Canberra this weekend (16/04/11). Make sure to join the event or come back to our site since we will be live-updating from this event.

Nimh at the 2010 Australian Rolling Open

The Rat Tail Army just posted this brand new Nimh edit featuring the Australia Nimh force (consisting of Johnny Jensen, Simon Dorabialski and Mass Alhatawi) at the 2010 Australian Rolling Open.

2010 Australian Rolling Open

Adelaide turned on the weather and Australia turned on the skating for the 2010 Australian Rolling Open. Little Razors ripper Tom Coley-Sowry lead the charge in the U18s, taking the prize with flawless tricks and ultimate steeze on nearly every obstacle in the park. The open final came down to a hectic fifteen minute jam session which effectively came to a head when Danny Jensen laced one of the biggest disaster Kind Grinds you will ever see!

Australian Rolling Open 2010

Here we go with a brand new edit showcasing Australia's best Rollers battling it out for the first place title at the skatepark in Adelaide. The last minute is fully dedicated to Danny Jensen who amazes everyone with his uncanny desasters or, in other words, with his penchant for selfdestruction.

Australian Rolling Open 2010

The Australian Rolling Open 2010 (WRS 3-Star event) will take place this upcoming saturday, April 17th 2010, in Adelaide (South Australia).For more...

Competition Report: Australian Rollerblading Open 2012

Back in December, our Aussie correspondents Rob Ham and Simon Kelly hosted the national Australian Rollerblading Open in Canberra. While the northern hemisphere was freezing in the middle of winter, our southern counterparts were melting in the heat with record high temperatures paired with some super technical and intense skating. Check out what went down.

ARO 2011 by Craig Smith/Pavement Productions

Check out this sweet edit of the Australian Rolling Open 2011 by Craig Smith/Pavement Productions. If you liked this edit make sure to check out Craigs DVD project "Seven Rats" with more exceptional skating from Down Under.

Vic Titles 2010 Wrap Up

From Rolling Victoria, the people that brought you the Australian Rolling Open '09 and '10, last year's Goulburn Fruit Jam, and the last few installments of the annual Victorian Titles, this year's event was even more of an interstate affair than it had already become in recent years. In fact an Englishman and a German made up the top 3 in the Open category. People travelled from 6 of the 7 capital cities around Australia to attend a 1 star WRS event that this year returned to Riverslide, a.k.a. "City Park".