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Extreme Barcelona

The Extreme Barcelona multisports event will be back in 2015, and if you needed some extra motivation to go out and visit the capitol of Catalunya,...

Barcelona Is Awesome

In July Latvian locals Nils Jansons and Reinis Petersons traveled to Barcelona for the Extreme Barcelona and some street skating. They met up with...

One Minute One Spot: Warren Digne

Just down the avenue from the Champs Elyssées there is one of Paris' finest curbs. I discovered this spot by accident some time ago. This summer I finally came back to the spot to film my One Minute One Spot right there. I was surprised I could skate that spot for at least half an hour without being chased by security. Hope you enjoy it.

:10 With Fallon Heffernan

Fallon Heffernan has had a long journey in life to get where she is today in rollerblading. Rolling literally saved her and she's now one of the top women rollers out there. ...and she can also give almost any pro male rider out there a run for their money. Be-Mag is going to be covering women's rollerblading more as we move forward so we're happy to bring you this quick check-in with Fallon that we did in Berlin last month at Winterclash.