Nocturnus 2013 in Hasselt, Belgium

The Nocturnus staff Bram Baptist, Jeroen Swerts, Luuk Eerens and Wim Bynens invite everyone to the infamous Nocturnus event in Hasselt, Belgium again, providing a good time for bladers from all over for the past seven years. This is a session not to miss!

Adrien Anne at Zumiez Skatepark in Belgium

Zemmour Amir just uploaded this quick little edit of Adrien flowing through a weirdly shaped mini ramp at Zumiez Skatepark in Belgium. Anne proves yet again that he's got tons of control. Some of this stuff is ridiculous. And chances are he's just warming up...

‘The Breakfast Club’ touring through Belgium and France

The idea for the Breakfast Club Tour was to rock Belgium and France in a van fully loaded with nine skaters. We ended up leaving Amsterdam with only the four of us in a VW Con-fucking-vertible off to Belgium. Arne Elgersma, Bojd Vredevoogd, Marnix Haak and Robbert Snijder. Our tour planner Bojd spent the last few weeks looking for the finest, most ghetto abandoned places to get some unique footage for the DVD. The first weekend we ended up skating an old pool, a theme-park and spent the night in a creepy half demolished hotel called 'Kosmos'. Exploring these places at midnight was a great adventure by itself.

Razors News: Belgium Scene

Belgium's finest "Antony Pottier" and "Jeremy Kesler" ripping it up at their favourite skatepark, the Forward Freestyle Skatepark in Roeselare (Belgium). The park has been enlarged and renovated in the last months. When you go to the skatepark you will definitely find Jeremy's and Anto's signatures on the new ramps. Insane blading action!