Benni Petry: Five on it

Five tricks of Benny Petry is not enough. You want to know more about the German curb machine? Then check back on soon.

Cult Logic Montage

Daniel Gourski comes up with a sweet edit featuring: Brian Aragon, Maik Lojewski (Borken),Sidney Hansen (Hamburg),Moritz Grenzdörfer...

X-Mas Jam 2010 Retrospective

First held in 1996, the X-Mas Jam has been going strong for many years now. Known for righteous skating and good atmosphere, this event is here to stay for another 15 years. Easily. Check out a bunch of photographs from the competition as well as quotes of people that attended the '10-edition of the Jam to find out more about the vibe of an event that has skaters coming from the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland as well as France every year to celebrate Rollerblading at the I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg.

All Or Nothing: Patrick Justin Smith Interview

Since I moved to Münster in 2009, I tried to motivate Patrick to blade more often and of course also to collect some footage. We started filming for this project around 2010, but after the first year of filming, Patrick became more motivated so he decided to invest more time and make it better. In the end, almost all clips of the first year became leftovers and we ended up with a badass old school section which can easily keep up with his former sections. Patrick Smith is not dead yet!? A main quote over the whole time was "all or nothing" or rather "friss oder stirb" which is the translated quote from Sin City which sounds even more badass. Friss oder stirb; Eat or die.