Bitter Cold Showdown Edit: proVoke Bittercold Showdown XIII 2013 Top 3

Missed the Bitter Cold Showdown? No worries! ProVoke is the first to put up an edit featuring the top 3 skaters from the Bitter Cold Showdown 2013. See the best trick by the top 3 of the competition. Smooth spins by Roman Abrate, solid skating by CJ Wellsmore and an impossible hurricane topacid by Wake Schepman!

Bittercold trip

Charles Nantel and some friends embarked upon the trip to Bittercold. They documented almost everything. See what happened during their trip.

Bitter Cold Showdown 2011 #3: The Faces of Bittercold Pt. 1

We bring you more content of the Bittercold Showdown, this time with portraits of many of those in attendance at this year's Bittercold Showdown as well as a few blading photos from tonight's warm up session. Be on the look out for Part 2 of the The Faces of Bittercold. Photos by Ryan Loewy.

TeamTRS at Bittercold 2010

Bitter Cold Showdown through the lenses of Rollerblade. They have sent out some of their best riders to represent at North America's biggest...