The Blake Taylor Pow-Wow Interview

How could you possibly articulate the atmosphere of the Pow-Wow qualifiers? Drunken stunt blading, loosely structure chaos, southern bedlam... that is exactly how I would accurately portray my experience at the these qualifiers. An unending chorus of “hell yeahs” followed by a level of skating that could give any staple competition a run for the money (and keep in mind that this was just the qualifier event).

Competition Report: Panhandle Pow Wow 2012

First and foremost please let me apologize for prolonging the viewing of this edit. It wasn't until today that I was contacted by both Blake Taylor and Ian Copp and notified that the sentences you are about to read are what is taking the official drop so long to happen. I guess deep down I have written nothing because there is not much to be said. I tried typing this ridiculously long drawn out descriptive read that would cover every aspect of the event and all things leading up to it and after. But truth be told, there is no amount of descriptive words that can explain what an incredible event Pow Wow actually is.

Chosen Few Comps 2011: Curtains up for the Top 3

The #1 gratification for doing these street comps is recognizing the great talent the rollerblading world has to offer. Achosen-Few likes to personally recognize the talents of each of the top 3 competitors from all the Chosen Few competitions this year. If you or your friend finished top 3 at any ACF comp expect to see his name in this article. Curtains up for Tyler Hester, Anthony Luna, Russell Day, Cyril Daniel, Daniel Henderson, Lucas Landthaler, Arsenio Patterson, Mark Wojda, Shane Thompson, Eugen Enin, Beat Schillmeier, Iain McLeod, Alex Burston, Michael Braud, Dylan Hopp, Bartek Zgrzeblak, Jon Erickson, Chris Murphy, Jose Henriquez, Dan Mclaren, Robin Weber, Russell Dineen, Tom Burch, Jon Fromm, Bartek Kasprzycki, Pat Curran, Blake Taylor, Cameron Card, Elliot Stevens, Danny Figgz and Stephane DeFreitas.

Sunny Side UP! – Florida Friends

Great montage with skating from all around the state of Florida featuring: Eric Michael, Bryan "Cheeto" Kriebel, Juan Velez, Blake Taylor, Jay Greendyk, Matt Genna, George Holmquist, Jonathan Seufferheld, Brian Egan and Yasmany Martin.

2011 Pow-wow Pro/Am Promo

On April 16, we headed to Kona Skatepark in preparation for this year's Pow-wow Pro/Am. In conjunction with Central Flordia Rolling we held a Box-build, Pre-session to create a little excitement prior to the event. This is a brief over view of what went down, and a teaser of just some of the obstacles added to the course. This year's Pow-wow is going to be the best yet. So if you have not started planning to attend, you better get on it. Hope to see you there, Blake Taylor, Pow-wow Organizer

Balance Online Magazine #6

One year anniversary, 86 page issue featuring: Louie Zamora, Michael Braud, ROC City, Infernal Clothing, Blake Taylor and much, much more!

Buddy4: CT to Pow-wow to MIA

ift from the Be-Mag msgboard continues his tradition of touring in his lecture-free time with Buddy4, hailing from New Haven to Boston, Bridegport, Brooklyn, Virginia, Greenville, and back to his home state of Florida meeting new and old friends, sleeping through his run at Pow-wow and... having a blast!

Competition Report: Panhandle Pow Wow 7

Last weekend was the weekend of the Panhandle Pow-Wow VII. Be-Mag was there to cover, and we've got an excellent article by Southern Scum's Chad Anthony to let you read how the competition went down. The article is accompanied by a huge amount of photos by Drew Humphrey, capturing all the best moments of the competition. Oh and there's also a sweet edit!