San Francisco Visitor’s Guide by Brian Krans

San Francisco is a visiting skater’s paradise. Besides the spot list that can go on forever provided you have adequate imagination and the ability to bomb 45-degree hills, the night scene is enough to bring your internal bruising up to par with your skating wounds.

The Real Truth about ‘Valo V’

Brian Krans tapped down a few word about his experience at the 'Valo V' premiere in San Francisco. Read his words after the click (and then one more) and make sure to addend one of the many premieres worldwide. Also be on the lookout for release info coming soon! The Valo kids get it...

‘Shred ‘Til You’re Wed’ by Ivan Narez

'Shred 'Til You're Wed' documents another gathering of the Shred crew. The boys were back together again for a good ol' fashioned bachelor camping party. A few days before the wedding, the crew cruised through central Oregon and explored some of the parks they missed on the other Shred strips. After a few days on the road of the usual Shred shenanigans – blading, beers, and buds – they arrived in Portland just in time to help a fellow amigo, Ross Kuhn, tie the knot. -Brian Krans

BCSD 2012 Update #8: The Tradeshow

Walk around with Brian Krans and Sam DeAngelis as they interview the industry's biggest names at the Bitter Cold Showdown 2012 Tradeshow. This edit includes exclusive news on all up and coming products and services in the industry. Meet with Jon Julio, Eric Bailey, Jeff Stockwell, Ivan Narez, and many more as Brian and Sam tour the tradeshow and ask the questions everyone has on their mind. Stay tuned for the official Bitter Cold Showdown 2012 edit from Be-Mag!