Heavy Metal: Brian Shima

Brian Shima is still recovering from the ender of his 666 section. Physical therapy started two months ago and we are waiting for an update on the...

Brian Shima added to Create Originals Pro Team

Many skaters have came and gone throughout the short history of our sport. Many talented people who have impacted blading immensely have came and went within a few short years, no longer to be seen again. Only a handful have lasted the test of time and continue to progress skating to insane levels today. Our newest pro rider for Create Originals is one of the most iconic pro's that our industry has ever seen. Nobody has been skating as hard and as raw for as long as he has. He has an unmatchable track record throughout the years complete with legendary sections, interviews and contest placings. This guy's just one of the greatest and we couldn't be happier to have him down. Ladies and gents, please welcome Brian Shima to the CO pro team. -Billy O'Neill

Introducing: King Crow Bearings by Brian Shima

King Crow Bearings is the new bearings company founded by Brian Shima. After starting with Shima Skate Manufacturing this is the next venture from Brian. King Crow Bearings are being used by top skaters all over the world. King Crow Bearings are available in 3 quality levels, Abec 7, Abec 9 and as precision bearings for a great price for the quality. Get your King Crow bearings now!

Brian Weis talks about head injuries, hockey and skating in the D

Brian Weis sets a standard for up-and-coming rollerbladers. Although he may be a new name to some, he has been straight ripping well over a decade. Detroit's finest brought the best out of a young Brian Weis. Nowadays he's a hardworking, beer drinking, dog discipling, pool shooting, shit talking, college graduate that faithfully keeps shredding number one. Fresh off of the injured reserve list, Brian is rested and ready to blade.

Shima Skate Manufacturing Montage #2

The second SSM Montage is here! Check out the blading of Brian Weis, Miguel Ramos, Maik Lojewski, Adria Saa, Xathen Stewart, Jeremy Spira, Michael Braud, Leon Humphries, Matty Schrock, Brian Shima, Montre Livingston, Joey Chase, Marc Moreno and Nicky Adams!