New Chihiro Azuma MFTBRAND Edit

Chihiro is good. For someone her age anyways. Also, steeze. But is her latest edit worthy of using a Dylan song? We think definetely maybe. Decide for yourself...

MFTBRAND 2012.01.16 Skatepark Session

Yet another MTFBRAND edit filled with talented skating of Chihiro Azuma, Eiji Sakihara, Itsuki Kochi, Koichi Iguchi, Mitsutoshi Yoshitani, Ren Fujiwara, Soichiro Kanashima, Toru Shirai, and Yoshiki Kimura. Enjoy!

Valo at the Chaz Sands Invitational 2010

The Valo Team did pretty well at this year's Chaz Sands competition: Chihiro Azuma (Japan) won the girls competition, Elliot Stevens (England) took the third place at the Amateur competition and Soichiro Kanashima placed third at the Pro competition. Valo apparently didn't sleep last night since they worked on this nice contest feature showing some exclusive Valo footage from the comp. Enjoy!


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