Create Originals push back Launch of CRS Frame

Initially scheduled to drop October 2013, Create Originals have announced today that they'll need more time to perfect their highly anticipated CRS frame. Considering these guys are breaking new ground technologically we understand that they are doing everything to make sure their product is without flaws when it ships.

Create Originals’s CRS Frame Kickstarter successfully funded!

Create Originals have reached their goal of $30.000 for their CRS frames last night. Actually, they have far exceeded it, reaching a stunning $37,211 in total. Great success not only for the hardware development side of our sport but also a good example what can be achieved with the support of dedicated people all over the world!

Two new Create Originals CRS Frame Kickstarter Updates

Create Originals have updated their Kickstarter for their Custom Ride System frames with two new posts. One informs us about recent design changes and the other one is a progress report written by their team rider Mark Wojda who had the chance to use a set of these bad boys for some time now!