Chris Haffey Cali Tour part 1

"We just couldn't stop after the good times on our last Euro tour after the Clash, too much fun with everyone all throughout Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. So here we are, back home after Bittercold, deciding to tour our own backyard: Cali!" - Kato

Derek Henderson Talking About Friends, Idols, Heart Issues and Man-Blading

Growing up in the armpit of California can be pretty difficult for a blader, flat land, flat architecture, flat blade spots. Having and thriving on these difficulties has definitely shaped Derek to the blader he is. A hard finesse/precise/inventive/fuck-you style should sum up his blading, I might be missing some other distinct points but it's ok, you can come up with whatever you want, he won't give a shit. In this self conscious, trend following world, I feel that blading needs a kid like Derek. Call it man-blading, call it thrash-blading, call it whatever you want, Derek definitely has what people need. Give this a read and discover another side to a dude I'm honored to be friends with: Derek Henderson.

Stuck Growing Up by Bryant Kornbau

This edit from the Intuition Skate Shop in Bakersfield, California features all the Intuition locals. Expect some sick blading from Bryant Kornbau, Derek Narducci, Matt Mickey, Brett Well, Anthony Luna, Billy Reese, Alex Cortez, Ricky Ihara, and Derek King as they tear up every spot they find. Enjoy!

Contest Report: 11th Annual Kentucky Battle

It all started back on April 20, 2000. In a blur, I had way too much fun, but I watched the edit Tri made. I think he won, but it was originally between Louisville and Lexington. I think we all realized that wouldn't work. So, now fast-forward many sessions, parties, and prizes later. Here we are in our 11th year and can now say we are a legit contest. People from all over have been to Lexington or Louisville simply for some bad-ass street skating in some of the spots that we here call home. I can't tell you how to throw a skate contest, because I honestly change the format every year. I test one way and regardless of success or failure, we determine a winner, and everyone either parties or goes home. That is how it has always been, until this year...