Arizona and California Street Edit

Here is some action from a five days rolling session in Arizona and California featuring Zared Yates, Derek Stanton, Bill Hedrick, Israel Surrett, Mikey Sanchez, Justin Runyon, Chad Wickham, Josh Morgan and many more.

Kaltik in California: Joey Egan, Jay and Dano Gorman

A selection of raw clips from the Kaltik Team Video and The New Irish Rolling video on their tour in California. On their first day they skated a ledge in Hermosa, a Rail at a mall in Los Angeles and a ledge at Venice Beach. Sick blading from our Irish friends.

Chris Haffey: New York to California

We though this might be relevant to your interests: Chris recently did 12 tricks in 12 states while driving from New York to California. And they are pretty dope ones as you might expect... Spots are epic, too. So this is basically the edit you've been waiting for today. Just hit play already...

California 2010 Memories by Sim Warren

So there was 8 of us. Myself, Jake Eley, Joe Atkinson, Julian Coulture, Sam Tuffnell, Keith Wisdom, Jamie Stenner and Jamie's wife Rikki. It was the AIL finals at Woodward West, combined with a further week of skating, whale watching, beaching and chillaxing. Now, this trip happened in November and I have no excuses as to why it's now the end of August 2011 and it's just coming out now. However, I finally got round to spending some time on this edit so that those who went and for those who didn't can see what happened at the AIL finals in woodward and a few extra bits. -Sim Warren

Southern California USD Edit

Featuring the Conference team riders : Steven Cortes, Ryan Santos, Anthony Williams, Brian Bruno, Tyler Hester, Jeremy Soderburg, and Jeff...