Out soon: USD Carbon Free Richie Eisler 3

Richie Eisler's third pro skate from USD, the USD Carbon Free Richie Eisler 3, is made from real leather, features a dual strap system, comes eqipped with 76mm/85A Undercover wheels... and is the first signature skate to ever come out with Kizer Powerblading frames! These beauties will hit shops worldwide next week, go get yourself some!

Sean Kelso on the Carbon Free’s

The Be-Mag news have now officially reached their lowest point. We post a 34 second video with just one line. But hey, it's Sean Kelso! And the line is sick! And he skates USD Carbon Frees, the second best skate on the market right now. Actually... if this isn't relevant news what else is?

Enter the Powerhouse – How to get chased by the Police & get your skates confiscated

Did you ever think that one of the best memories from a visit to the Powerhouse would include an epic police chase down one-way streets by three motorcycles/scooters, getting stopped, searched and your skates taken away? Adrien Anne, Diego Guilloud and Josh Glowicki were given a rude awakening by Barcelona’s boys in blue. Adrien gives us his take on the adventure.

Up and Comers: Tyler Hester

At Be-Mag we love to see skaters that are progressive but influenced by an older generation of blader; Tyler Hester is one of those lucky few. Blessed with perfect weather in Southern California, legendary skate spots and a good mix of young and old shredders to roll with we're happy to present to you the exclusive Up and Comers edit filmed and chopped by Aarin Gates.