Carlos Pianowski USD VII Pro Skate out now!

The VII was originally created as a price-point skate, but after it was drastically improved both in comfort, hardwear and looks skaters on the team began to take an interest. Carlos Pianowski was one of these skaters, and he was excited to be able to create his brand new pro-skate to his own specifications.

Carlos Pianowski clips

Here is a diverse collection of Carlos Pianowski clips from the past years. Whatever he does on skates, you can be sure it's epic.

Carlos Pianowski: Hammertime at WRS contest in Brazil

You haven't seen much of Carlos Pianowski lately? Yeah, then take a look at this clip. As you know Carlos, he likes the big stuff in skating. If you think you found a huge gap, Carlos will find a bigger one. So he found at the WRS in Brazil.

USD South America Tour ROCK Part 4 of 4. Brazil

The title already anticipates some great things. This is another video produced by Jeremy Stephenson from their epic USD South America tour including the skating talents of Demetrios George, Billy O'Neill, Carlos Pianowski and many more. If that's not enough, then we don't know.