Southern Scum Blackwoods Blackout Contest

Check out this sweet edit featuring some of the best rollerbladers the Florida scene has to offer! Get ready to see Gumby, Charles Dunkle and Taylor Popham do their thing! Damn I love the south!

Weekly Southern Section #6

The Southern Legacy has a strong history in Rollerblading. Thank god they share their history with us! Here we've got the Intro Montage of Rejects Issue 3 which was filmed and edited by Charles Dunkle and Shawn Engler. This edits features hammers not only from Southern Skaters, but from Skaters all over. Check it out here on be-mag.

Sideshow Rodeo – Get it while it lasts!

Sideshow Rodeo is truly a one of a kind video produced by Be-Mag and directed and edited by FootageTape's Jamie Olmstead. We’ve gotten tremendous feedback so far and everybody seems to really like it. Sideshow Rodeo will be available for purchase at our BCSD booth. It is also available digitally through Freestyle Culture. Read the review by Rollzine and check out the trailers if you haven’t already!