Daniel Gomez (Chino) winning the Roll’s Rail Contest

Last weekend the Roll's Rail Contest took place within the FISE Skate Event. Some of the world's best street skaters joined this side event (supported by Roll's Magazine) of the FISE. A massive crowd gathered around this steep rail to cheer for the riders. Spanish torrero Chino laced some serious tricks on the rail! View it here on be-mag.
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Rip’n’Roast 2015

This year's Rip'n'Roast event will see two major changes: the first is the location, as this edition will be held over at Chino's skatepark. And more...

A Chosen Few Rockillers Street Comp Report

The first Chosen Few street event of the season was the Rockillers street comp which included local organizers such as Alejoh Candelo, Iain Mcleod, Winston Wardwell and Colin Mcleod. They decided the location should be Riverside, a town full of spots way east towards the mountains. The meeting spot was Chino skate park which is a popular skate park amongst any SoCal blader. People got right to work before the competition even began.


Cj Wellsmore took it! Here is the first edit from the actual Hoedown 2010 featuring the Remz team (including CJ Wellsmore, Daniel Chino, Mason Richard, Fritz Peitzner, Dominik Wagner, Brady Johnston etc.). Peep it and stay tuned for some more pics.