Lucas Landthaler: One Minute, One Spot

I know lucas since he was a little kid and I met him every winter in a skatehall in ulm. Since that time he grew up and became a real man. Now he drives a big old mercedes benz and is the safest and fastest rollerblader I know! Draw the curtain for the Grindhouse teamrider Lucas Landthaler.

Piotrek Combrznski Interview + Exclusive “Sky Is The Limit” Preview

There are few bladers from Poland that are known internationally – Piotrek Combrzynski is one of them. Super humble and quiet as a person yet a beast as a rollerblader. As a teenager he polished his skills at many skateparks in Europe just to bring them to the street now and amaze us with his solid style, confidence and consistency. Piotrek is one of those people who makes session really fun and amusing, he will always come to you after you land anything and give you props! After a long brake in 2010 caused by the collar injury, Piotrek made a smooth come back with his Bristol edit (made by Canislatrans) and now, thanks to Be-mag, you will have a chance to get more insight into Piotrek's past, present and future!

Contest Report: Chosen Few Finals 2011 in Los Angeles

So the ACF Finals this year were about as crazy as it can get. This may be starting to get repetitive but I will say it again because I really do mean it. Chosen Few's main goal is to expose new talents around the world, challenge skaters to push themselves to their full potential and to put on amazing events for all to enjoy! The Chosen Few Finals are now being known as one of the most difficult competitions around. We're not going to lie about that either. Our finals will always be an intense and challenging competition. You may get one easy spot at the beginning but that's about it. No matter what the last obstacle is, it will not be easy. It might be a huge down rail or it might be something random but we will guarantee that it will always have the competitors pushing themselves and skating their hardest.

Chosen Few Comps 2011: Curtains up for the Top 3

The #1 gratification for doing these street comps is recognizing the great talent the rollerblading world has to offer. Achosen-Few likes to personally recognize the talents of each of the top 3 competitors from all the Chosen Few competitions this year. If you or your friend finished top 3 at any ACF comp expect to see his name in this article. Curtains up for Tyler Hester, Anthony Luna, Russell Day, Cyril Daniel, Daniel Henderson, Lucas Landthaler, Arsenio Patterson, Mark Wojda, Shane Thompson, Eugen Enin, Beat Schillmeier, Iain McLeod, Alex Burston, Michael Braud, Dylan Hopp, Bartek Zgrzeblak, Jon Erickson, Chris Murphy, Jose Henriquez, Dan Mclaren, Robin Weber, Russell Dineen, Tom Burch, Jon Fromm, Bartek Kasprzycki, Pat Curran, Blake Taylor, Cameron Card, Elliot Stevens, Danny Figgz and Stephane DeFreitas.

Chosen Few Comp Rankings before the Final Event on September 3rd in Los Angeles

The Chosen Few Finals have arrived once again and I can say without a doubt it is going to be an epic competition. Skaters all over the world have competed this year at ACF competitions. Every competition has determined the top 10 skaters and they have all earned points. We have organized 9 competitions with local organizers and included another 3 competitions to the series as well. Find all standings here and find out who might compete in the finals on September 3rd in Los Angeles!

A Chosen-Few Street Comp Stuttgart Contest Report

The Chosen Few Germany competition had a big turn out. We had right around 300+ people there and the competition was a success. Grindhouse was our premium sponsor for this competition. Thanks to them we had a pretty good cash prize for our top places. Chosen Few comps have a few twists that make the competition a little more difficult but also a little more rewarding.

CTV – Conference Killers at A Chosen Few – Stuttgart 2011

See what some of the Conference riders did at the ACF street contest in Stuttgart, Germany. Featuring: Chris Hack, Eugen Enin, Andreas Wagenblast, Daniel Gourski, Cyril Daniel, Lucas Landthaler and Daniel Prell. Filmed by: Mark Heuss, Daniel Prell, Christian Rumpf, Sebastian Hofer and Nikita Anders.

Blast from the Past: Matteo Attanasio

I can’t really remember how long we know each other... But at the time we first met, Matteo was the only German skater with good style. Sorry, that's how it was. He has always been a soul skater. And a playboy on wheels. He wanted to end his pro career at a very young age to skate just for the fun of it. He wanted to have sessions and to travel without any obligations to skate at a contest. Crazy ass dreamer, you say? But guess what: that is what he did! And until now he remains as the first of a complete generation of soul skaters I have met. He is now working on putting this into picture.

X-Mas Jam 2010 Retrospective

First held in 1996, the X-Mas Jam has been going strong for many years now. Known for righteous skating and good atmosphere, this event is here to stay for another 15 years. Easily. Check out a bunch of photographs from the competition as well as quotes of people that attended the '10-edition of the Jam to find out more about the vibe of an event that has skaters coming from the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland as well as France every year to celebrate Rollerblading at the I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg.

One Minute, One Spot: Marcin Kopiec

Marcin is a perfect example of rolling evolution. Together with a constant changing of his nickname caused by various stories involving his person or notoriously changing jobs Marcin evolved from youngster in sweatpants and way too big TRS`es to one of the most active blader in Poland.