Sin City Session 2012 Edit by Daniel Scarano

Daniel Scaranos view on the Sin City Session 2012 organized by Chris Calkins. Featuring Chris Calkins, Tony Rivituso, Franky Zhang, Kasra Ghaharian, Aarin Gates, Tim Franken, Joey Jaime, Daniel Rosado, Jeremy Cloe, Russell Day, Chris Napoleon, Chad Hornish, Jon Easy, Tyler Hester, the one and olny R-MONEY$$$, Nacho Romero, Coco Sanchez, Fallon Heffernan, Andrew DiPalo, Anthony Luna, Dre Powell & Derek Stanton.

We Are One Skatepark Team Riders at the AIL 2011 Championships

Over the weekend of November 4-5, the We Are One Skatepark team riders went out to Woodward West for the 2011 AIL World Championships. They were mobbin' deep with Justin Mousley, Tad Tregeagle, Jon Easy, Tony Rivituso, Chris Napoleon, Richie Rodriguez, Mat Farnworth, and Zach Nelson. This was their experience out at Woodward West and as per usual they were stomping every feature at the park. Enjoy watching this edit and keep you eyes open for a new We Are One riders section, coming soon.

Jim got a new computer!

This is a compilation of footage that had been stacking up on Jim's external. It is also Tony's first attempt in editing. Came out good though. Skating by Jim Ervin, Tony Rivituso, Kenny Jones, Kaz Ghaharian, Chris Napoleon (pictured below), Shawnzee and Jeremy Cloe. Finest Las Vegas park blading!

Competition Report: AIL Championships 2011

The AIL Championships were held this past weekend on Saturday November 5th 2011 at Woodward West in Tehachapi California. I have been waiting for this day since the preliminary competition held back in April, so needless to say I was uber excited to attend the event!

Introducing… Tad John Tregeagle

I ran into Tad for the first time at a local skatepark I used to skate by myself while I was going to college. I had skated that park for months without ever seeing another rollerblader. It took me by surprise when I showed up and there were bladers there that killed it, yet I had never met them before.