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Colorado Road Trip 2015

The Colorado road trip might very well be one of the best events to ever take place within our tiny little community, and we are happy to see it come...

The Colorado Road Trip 2011 – Day Two Update

From the deserted lands of Colorado, greetings y’all. Day two stacks as another banger for the books. As you can imagine the day started much slower. With the combination of 90+degree heat and lack of sleep from excessive campfire blader bonding the day moved slowly for some and for others it barely moved at all. Kicking it off around noon at Carbondale Skatepark, the scene seemed quite desolate as many of the attendees hugged to the shadows beneath the canopy. Others who could bare the heat in short cycles made their way over the broken-down pavement as each rider attempted to top the previous hit on the wall ride. At the same time 360 spins to topsides atop the cracked ledge on the opposite end of the park seemed to keep interest for those still closely huddled to their warming beers and shaded seats. After only a short while the decision was made to continue the journey onwards to an old bridge hanging above the Colorado River.

The Colorado Road Trip 2011 – Day One Update

The trip kicked off at Silverthorne Skatepark at 10:45am as rollerbladers from all over began to pour into the already jam-packed parking lot. The headcount reached about sixty as all corners of the park were littered with tight pant wearing, urethane cruising, beer guzzling, road trippin’ rollers. Within minutes the warm-ups began soon followed by hammers getting dropped on everything. Now feature was left alone as misties and spins gliding through the air were as frequent as the broken in frames danced on the coping of the bowls and ledges. After three hours the skate laces were loosened as everyone began to pile back into their rides and head for food. Next stop, Edwards Skatepark just outside of Vail.

The Colorado Road Trip 2011 – Be-Mag Live-Updates start this Weekend

This weekend marks the 12th annual end-of-the-summer festivity with Colorado’s biggest blading meet. The Colorado Road Trip was started with intent on leading a small crew across various parks throughout Colorado. At the beginning, where just seven individuals made it out, this event has quickly grown to what this year expects to bring nearly one hundred bladers to the Rocky Mountain State from all over. This is the time of year that the usual desolate skateparks of the Colorado highlands, typically littered with a small handful of skateboarders, a biker or two, a few children tooling around on a scooter, and in rarity a roller, get transformed into a celebration in a way that brings rollerblading just a little bit closer to the wild west. The days are spent shredding two or more skateparks while in between the road tripping frequents various stops along the Colorado River for bridge jumping and car surfing. The nights are filled with stories of their own as rollers become frontiersmen, gathering around camp fires in the desert sharing experiences, camaraderie, and of course some fine beverages.

Colorado Road Trip 2010

Sick edit from this year's Colorado road trip, very nice filming and editing. Watch out for more coverage in the upcoming Be-mag issue!

Team TRS Colorado Roadtrip

Rob G made an edit of the team's travels on his iphone. There's a good feel to this roadtrip edit. Check it out. Team TRS Colorado Roadtrip from...

Colora Road Trip

Here is a great edit outlining the highlights of this year's Colorado Road trip with Sean Sea, Jeremy Spira, Andy Kruse, Sayer Danforth, Rob G and many more. Lean back and enjoy!

Northwest Summertime Park Jams with Cameron Talbott, Justin Barr, Brandon Mateer and More

Did you know Montana and Idaho had skate scenes? Yeah, me neither, until I met some of these guys over the summer on The Colorado Road Trip. I could sit here and talk them up but I’ll let their skating speak it all. This edit has some bangers, some flow, a good vibe, and some serious personality. In person it all gets even better. Check out this little summer jam and remember what it’s all about.