First generation Rollerblader: Craig C Parsons

Here we go with a tight and inspriring edit from Rollerblade "oldie" Craig C Parsons. Quoting Kato Mateu: "Blading has been around for over 15 years now with its first generation being in its early/mid 30s. Many are getting back at it lately and some like Craig C Parsons never left. Blading for about 13 years, 7 on remz, here is a little edit of all recent footage from him, all for the fun of it at 36 years old..." So there is hope for the older guys! Never give up Rollerblading!

The 2012 Be-Mag Msgboard 30+ Edit

Those handsome devils at the Be-Mag Msgboard are proud to present the 30+ 2012 edit. Enter full screen mode, crank up the volume and apologize to your neighbors and co-workers later. Got a swear jar? Keep it, and a roll of quarters, close at hand and be amazed as these dusty, crusty, cranky and sometimes lanky mother fuckers grind, air and spin their way into your hearts.

The 2011 Be-Mag Msgboard 30+ Edit

From around the world, 21 men and one woman ages 30 and up, answered the call for submissions to be a part of a just-for-fun online skate edit on the Be-Mag Msgboard. Embracing all disciplines (from street to vert) and skill levels, this edit is a 9:30 minute long journey of the unexpected, which proves once and for all that you are only as young as you feel.