Thoughts on ‘Long Time, No See’ by Craig Smith

Our sport peaked some years back. That is an undisputable fact. Since then we have seen many videos focussing more on the culture, its roots and where it’s going. Some are unrealistically optimistic, some are glorified edits, but few are as honest as 'Long Time, No See'.

A-Town Stomp Fourplay: A Southern Thang

There’s a few things you can expect when attending a Stomp: Southern hospitality, Southern blading, Southern cooking, Southern gals, Southern pals, Southern partying and Downright grimy Southern spots. This year's A-Town Stomp was no exception, it's a Southern thang.

The 2012 Be-Mag Msgboard 30+ Edit

Those handsome devils at the Be-Mag Msgboard are proud to present the 30+ 2012 edit. Enter full screen mode, crank up the volume and apologize to your neighbors and co-workers later. Got a swear jar? Keep it, and a roll of quarters, close at hand and be amazed as these dusty, crusty, cranky and sometimes lanky mother fuckers grind, air and spin their way into your hearts.

Interview with Trevor Johnson on King Of Queens 2012

It is known, without question, that New York is one of the most celebrated and active scenes in rollerblading. It has produced a plethora of companies, talented skaters, and competitions that have left a major impact on the rollerblading community. Competitions, in particular, are the one catalyst that I believe really brings people out and draws the blade community closer together people come out to show what they've got and, at times, unconsciously, to support each other, which in turn, unifies the scene as a whole. Young guns and old timers, all age ranges, colors and creeds come out, all for the love of rollerblading. So when I heard that Trevor Johnson was putting together a new street competition in Queens, I was inclined to ask him a few questions and help spread the word. I sat down with Trevor to talk about the need for another street competition, how he got the idea, who he's working with, and more, all resulting in a testament to the fact that New York truly is one of the greatest scenes in the world.

In the Know: CJ Wellsmore

Although relatively new to the spotlight, CJ has had wheels under his feet since the beginning, and has been competing internationally for over a decade. Starting at such a young age and skating in the shadows of Australian legends like Cesar Mora and Matt Salerno has left CJ with an unmistakable natural style for skating, especially on transition. Since returning to his blades in 2005 – after a short break for beach lifestyle – in just a few years, CJ has refined his skills and established himself as one of the worlds top bladers. CJ's skills on the blades are undeniable, even to the outsider's eye, but what makes his skating even more enjoyable to watch is the fact you can tell how much he loves it. CJ still has the same passion for skating as he did when he first started, which I think is what's needed to inspire the next generation of skaters.

The 2011 Be-Mag Msgboard 30+ Edit

From around the world, 21 men and one woman ages 30 and up, answered the call for submissions to be a part of a just-for-fun online skate edit on the Be-Mag Msgboard. Embracing all disciplines (from street to vert) and skill levels, this edit is a 9:30 minute long journey of the unexpected, which proves once and for all that you are only as young as you feel.

“Fitted” Premiere in New York City

Friday February 11th, 2011 had arrived and the majority of the Tri-State area's rolling family was in attendance for the highly anticipated premiere of the film "Fitted". The Millennium Theatre which seats 100 people comfortably was now packed and ready for showtime. "Fitted", which is the 2nd film from Joseph Perez and, was compiled with some of the best talent that New York and New Jersey has to offer.