Create Originals push back Launch of CRS Frame

Initially scheduled to drop October 2013, Create Originals have announced today that they'll need more time to perfect their highly anticipated CRS frame. Considering these guys are breaking new ground technologically we understand that they are doing everything to make sure their product is without flaws when it ships.

Create Originals adds Sean Darst to their Amateur Team

Sean Darst is a ripper, plain and simple. Every time I see him skate, he just keeps getting better and better. He gets tech, does gnarly hammers, has super clean style and has some of the most solid landings in the game. Cheers Sean, welcome to the team, buddy! -Billy O'Neill, Create Originals Co-Founder

Create Originals’s CRS Frame Kickstarter successfully funded!

Create Originals have reached their goal of $30.000 for their CRS frames last night. Actually, they have far exceeded it, reaching a stunning $37,211 in total. Great success not only for the hardware development side of our sport but also a good example what can be achieved with the support of dedicated people all over the world!

In the Know: Create Originals’ Custom Ride System Frame

As many of you know we (Create Originals) have designed a new patent pending frame. We see it as not just a suspension frame but as a system of hundreds of configurations from rigid set-ups to suspension and everything in between. We call it the CRS frame or Custom Ride System frame. As a result of the many options you may have questions to the many aspects of the frame. For this In the Know we invite you to ask any an all questions about the frame system itself, what has led us to this point or why Kickstarter. Perhaps, you even have questions about Kickstarter and their policies that we can clear up for you.

In the Know: Create Originals’ Custom Ride System Frame

Create Originals have presented the concept for their new CRS frame a few weeks ago. Since we think this is a game changing idea that needs all the support it can get, we decided to kick off an In the Know on this topic, allowing you to learn more about the product from the creators themselves! Ask away!

Two new Create Originals CRS Frame Kickstarter Updates

Create Originals have updated their Kickstarter for their Custom Ride System frames with two new posts. One informs us about recent design changes and the other one is a progress report written by their team rider Mark Wojda who had the chance to use a set of these bad boys for some time now!

Create Originals Brandon Ford 2012 Flow Team Edit

B. Ford kills it. Full throttle at all times, but keeps a strong balance. He does big tricks, without sacrificing style or creativity. He parties hard, but is up early in the morning to run the moving company he owns. He'll be the first person to rag on you if he catches you slipping, but is always the first to help out if you need a hand. B's one of my best homies and the most exciting person to watch skate I know. -Alex Hogan