Daan Hegt – Amsterdam 2012 Profile

This is Amsterdam's Golden Boy: Daan Hegt. Not only does he make skating look super nice, he has also created the soundtrack to this profile. Even though he is hardly skating these days , he still manages to kill it on the streets of Amsterdam. This lack of bladetime is mostly due to his efforts as a producer: together with his buddy Joel they are known to Amsterdam as 'Flash Grimey'. Go get their album at http://flashgrimey.bandcamp.com/

[MAG] June 2012

The new [MAG] is online! 160 pages packed with photos, a Visions on Daan Hegt and Tyron Ballantine, an interview with Steffen "New Kids" Haars and much more!

Amsterdam Week: Photographer Profile – Bojd Vredevoogd

Without Bojd Vredevoogd the Amsterdam Week wouldn't have been possible. Whether it was in the middle of the night or early in the morning Bojd didn't hesitate one second to shoot pictures and contribute all his freetime for the Be-Mag Amsterdam Week 2012. Bojd is the man you can count on when you need a badass shot. Although it's pretty difficult to get a shot of the Red Light District the 26-year old Amsterdam local isn't the one to disappoint or give up. He will find a solution to get things done. Always down to motivate others to give their best and catching the right angles with his analogue camera. Marnix Haak had the chance to talk to him and to ask him about his motives and perceptions on rolling, photographing, girls, party, clothes etc.? Let's go beyond the surface, and investigate what's going on inside his mind. Interview. Start. Now.

Amsterdam Week: An Interview With Gijs Piss AKA The Inventor of the Real Street Contest

Gijs 'Piss' Peetsold has been an influential blader since the 90s. Sure he can shred, and inspire through blading, but his real strength lies in all the things that make blading badass off the skates. Media, events, brands, developing talented young bladers, he's had his fingers in all those pies. At his ripe age you'd expect him to take it easy, and let skating take the backseat. But no. He and his colleague (Amnon Klein) recently created an epic grindbox across the street from his work, and by doing so got half of the washed up generation of Amsterdam's bladers back on four/eight wheels. All in a day's work for this bald cat owning, single-malt sipping, cigar smoking, poker playing rollerblader. This dude is invaluable, not just for the world of Blading, but especially for those who's life he enriches with kindness, generosity and the ability to criticize everything to an early death. My man Piss.

Amsterdam Week: Who’s Who in Amsterdam

As you might have noticed this week we are spotlighting Rollerblading Amsterdam here on Be-Mag. Of course, we can't talk about Rollerblading in A-Dam without giving you an insight into the city's skate crew. So, what other people will you be meeting most likely when you decide to shred in Holland's capital - so here it is. A list of the Amsterdam Rollerbladers you might come across when you cruise through the city.

Amsterdam Week: Rolling Artist – Sergio Hasselbaink

Sergio Hasselbaink is one of Amsterdam’s few true wonder boys. He is a unique character on many levels. His swag is absolutely impeccable. Currently, he is experiencing great success with his passion in acting. That face is infamous in the nightly scene of Amsterdam. In short, he is an unstoppable, never-resting soul that does everything with complete passion, interest, and certain sensitivity.

Amsterdam Week: The 2012 Amsterdam Rollerblading Video

This is the latest attempt in bringing it back to how it used to be, from the biggest and baddest O.G. in the Amsterdam rolling game. Twenty-plus minutes of no-bullshit hardcore street skating in and around Amsterdam from the Dutch blading hoodlums that you know best: Daan Hegt, Randy Abels, Tyron Ballantine, Terrence Buyne, Ryan Claus, Donny Duracel, Dick Heerkens, Sven Boogie and more of these lovely gents. Handcrafted, cooked up and spiced extra saucy for your pleasure by our shepherd of skating, Remy Cadier. Ajax de beste.

Full Video: ‘Supermossels’ by Marnix Haak (2007)

'Supermossels' is a Dutch video by Marnix Haak and contains profiles on Eric van Boven, Vivien Butot and Nawal Talhaoui from the infamous DSA crew. Besides upcomers and no-knowns there are also big names like Timmy van Rixtel, Sven Boekhorst, Tyron Ballantine, Daan Hegt, Adil Farnhouni, Edwin Wieringh, UH44, 035 and many more. Sit back, get a cup of tea and enjoy the madness!

Soulsession Bijlmer

The Soulsessions is a project to get people to skate in a large group of friends from time to time. They organize 1 or 2 big street sessions each month in the summer. It features: Rik van Huik, Daan Hegt, Tyron Balentine, Bartosz Beller, Ryan Claus, Erik Droogh, and alot of other Dutch skaters.

Dutch park edit

This is a great edit featuring some of the best dutch riders in some really sweet skateparks. Thanks to Cavin Brinkman for putting together this...