Daniela Katzenberger shooting by Dan Busta

German It-Girl 'Daniela Katzenberger' recently went to LA for a shooting. No one else than Dan Busta (popular rolling photographer) realized the shooting. Dan posted up the feature which was broadcasted on the German TV on his youtube channel. Peep it here.

Blast from the Past: The German Wunderkind

There are two moments in life where I met Jochen Smuda for the first time. Paradox? Not at all. The very first time I saw him I was watching the Paris Bercy Contest on Eurosport. I was wondering where that kid came from as he was the only German going to the finals altogether with well known pro skaters from all over the world. The first time I met him in real life was in Stuttgart at the DIV German Championships. I don't think we spoke a word but I liked him being focused on rollerblading, no signs of arrogance, ignoring the hype that started after people got to know "Wunderkind" Jochen Smuda. Those are some memories from the 90's, but if I look at Jochen nowadays, he didn't change much. Always in a good mood he seems to be born to entertain people; but besides his funny side, to me he is someone you can ask for help, talk to when an advice is needed, inspiring in so many different ways.