Official Be-Mag Capital Clash 2011 Edit by Jordan Maders

Blake Bird and Grif Kerry hosted the first skate competition in London for over 9 years. All the top UK riders turned out. It was a treat that bladers from over 10 years ago dusted their skates off and came for a roll including people like Imeon Hartwig, Charlie Lockyer, Taz, Sid, Jordan Murphy and Johnny Sabento.

Now Online: Wheel Scene Issue #7

You can now look at Wheel Scene #7 online! There are interviews with Scott Riddles, Dan Collins, Fritz Peitzner and Erick Rodriguez, as well as music features on Hot Chip, Peaking Lights and Milk Maid. Enjoy!

The LoveScotland Tour DVD Trailer by Loco Skates

Join LocoSkates, the UK's most notorious skate team, plus friends, on the 2011 LoveScotland Tour. Don't miss out on Erik Bailey grinding shit, Nick Lomax jumping off shit, Joe Atkinson falling into shit and a bunch of sick guys not really giving a shit. Featuring the talents of Nick Lomax, Elliot Stevens, Leon Humphries, Dan Ives, Joe Atkinson, Sam Tuffnell, Dan Collins, and special guests Chaz Sands, and Erik Bailey.

UK Loco Box Competition

Two raw videos of epic battles. Elliot Stevens versus Joe Atkinson and Dan Ives versus Dan Collins in the Loco Box Competition. All four with mad skills.

LocoSkates & SSM in Liverpool

The LocoSkates boys were out in force on the weekend of the Chaz Invite contest. Loco/SSM riders Oli Short and Leon Humphries were both out rocking the new Shima Skate Manufacturing skates for the first time together. Also catch our guys Elliot Stevens, Nick Lomax, Dan Ives, Dan Collins, Billy Doyle, Jake Eley and Joe Atkinson showing Liverpool how they roll.

LocoSkates – Love Scotland Tour Chapter 1

This is the first chapter of the LoveScotland tour with its stop at the Noyia Jam. The riders on this tour: Nick Lomax, Sam Tuffnell, Erik Bailey, Leon Humphries, Dan Ives, Dan Collins and Elliot Stevens. Watch out for the upcoming chapters.

NASS – Day 1

People are slowly trickling in and the Open comp has gone down with some impressive skating from the likes of Dan Collins, Pete Bexley, Wes Thomas and Sam Davies. Lomax, Schoolboy, Al Burston, Jamie Stenner and Elliot Stevens are all warming up for the AM comp tomorrow which is set to go off! Results from the Open 1. Andrew Cunliffe 2. Dan Collins 3. Sam Davies


In just a few days, the lovely city of Amsterdam will welcome another edition of the Urban Sports Week event, also known as USWA. And this year,...