March in Minneapolis Edit by Dan Knapmiller

Sweet edit by Mr. Knapmiller featuring Jeph Howard, Michael Garlinghouse, Aaron Peterson, Shane McClay, Troy Klingelhoets, Wilson Robinson, Eric Dooley, Brett Hammond, Ryan Johnson, Ben Fredrikson, Corey Glanville, and Matt Jorgenson.

All Snow Compilation by Dan Knapmiller

This edit compiles snow footage from 2009, and starting at Method Man's verse in the first track mixes together footage dating back to 2004 (Minnesnowta, Con Artist videos, The Birdz and The Beez and more).

Jeph Howard turns Pro for Razors

He's been in this game for a long time. Seen the trends, bladed thru them all. He's a salty dog, definitely deserving of some praise. I am stoked to introduce Jeph Howard as the newest Razors Pro. -Dan Knapmiller

Brett Dasovic Winter Snow Blading Edit

I have always enjoyed skating street in the winter. The last few weeks have provided me a unique opportunity to go out and film some street moves in the Minnesota cold and with the help of my good friend Dan Knapmiller document them with this edit in support of my sponsors who keep me blading! -Brett Dasovic

An Oval Edit

Dan Knapmiller posted this edit featuring Aaron Peterson, Brett Dasovic, Jeph Howard, Nick Dahlen, Gunnar Gray and himself skating the Roseville Oval.

Justin Brasco: One Minute One Spot

Justin Brasco and myself have spent several weekends in New York this summer filming for his next online street section. We got washed out one day and decided to headed to Oil City Skate Park in Long Island, NY to wind down on the facilities' new shotgun ledges. Days earlier, Brasco picked up a sponsor with Create Originals and was eager to see what all the talk was about. Enjoy this One Minute One Spot as Justin Brasco tries in his new Create Original frames and puts his name down on Oil City Skate Park's shotgun ledges.