TIME DVD: Collective Section Part 1 and 2

Check out these two sections by Jim Manouche for Time. Time is a collaboration between several filmers and graphic designers. These sections features skating from Guillaume Le Gentil, Daniel Nielsen, Richie Eisler, Greg Breger, Chris Bortolaso, Thibault Caumont, Romain Dejean, Raphael Pique, Simon Martineau, Mathieu Fretault, Fx Pergola, Tom Thieuleux, Remy Peyroux, Laurent Gabas, Gigi, Sam Hontabat, José Garnier and many more. Filmed in France, Canada, Spain, and the USA. Hit play and enjoy!

Roskilde 2011 Live-Update #5 – Box Session

Watch Dominik Wagner, Montre Livingston, Daniel Nielsen, Timm Kittlitz and Senor Ivan Narez session the down ledge at the Skatepark of Roskilde. Looks like they're having a good time over there!

Competition Report: X-Mas Jam 2012, German Championships Inline Street

After the madness of the Shred Cologne contest just two months earlier, the final German Masterships session of the year had a lot to live up to. The frozen streets and horrible weather weren’t putting anybody off, with bladers from almost all of Europe showing up to destroy the I-Punkt Skateland for the 2000 € prize money. German competitors were also battling for the title of German Champion for 2012 and the standard was – predictably – furious.

An Outlook on X-Mas Jam 2011 with Organizer Jonn Rübcke

One of Europe's longest running contests, the infamous X-Mas Jam, is taking place in Hamburg Germany next weekend. We talked to organizer Jonn Rübcke to see what we can expect from this years event and also how he plans to take the whole thing even further this year. Two days, competitors from all over Europe and 3000 € in prize money. This is going to be big!