Demetrios George USD Pro Skate Promo Edit

Demetrios George puts out this hard hitting promo edit for his third pro skate from USD. Make sure you sit comfortably before you hit play. We also advise to make sure you have enough head room in case you need to jump up and down by reflex. You also want to close all windows so the neighbours don't call the amberlambs when you furiously scream at your monitor. Every trick in this is a hammer... Filmed and edited by Erick Rodriguez of 9to5Mixtapes.

Demetrios George: USD/NYC

Check out Demetrios George in this banger edit by Greg Kieffer. Guided by a phat hiphop track, Demetrios is killing it on the streets of New York City. Hit play and find out for yourself!

Demetrios George NYC Street Edit

If you haven't watched my last edit of a session at the new Tri State Skate location than you haven't read my last write up and you don't know I just spent a weekend in NYC. So to catch you up, Erod mentioned a trip he was taking out east and I decided to buy myself a flight "you know how I love traveling". With only a few days to skate going up against the weather conditions we managed to pull some street clips together for your enjoyment. This trip was just pure love for the blades. No stress continual action and content. Expect more to come. Hope you enjoy! -Demetrios George

Revolution “On The Spot” with Demetrios George

Demetrios George is a skater who has paid his dues to be where he's at in our sport. When you put everything on the line for blading, sooner or later you're going to get knocked down. What really matters is if you get back up to try again. Demetrios is a skater who won't ever quit. -James Johnson