Derek Henderson Talking About Friends, Idols, Heart Issues and Man-Blading

Growing up in the armpit of California can be pretty difficult for a blader, flat land, flat architecture, flat blade spots. Having and thriving on these difficulties has definitely shaped Derek to the blader he is. A hard finesse/precise/inventive/fuck-you style should sum up his blading, I might be missing some other distinct points but it's ok, you can come up with whatever you want, he won't give a shit. In this self conscious, trend following world, I feel that blading needs a kid like Derek. Call it man-blading, call it thrash-blading, call it whatever you want, Derek definitely has what people need. Give this a read and discover another side to a dude I'm honored to be friends with: Derek Henderson.

Derek Henderson: Intuition or Nothing

Matt Mickey just send us this edit featuring one of their best and rawest team riders Derek Henderson! If you are looking for something special, then this is the right edit for you.

Derek Henderson – DB Photo Set

Check out this little feature with Derek Henderson. Derek killed his ankle while shooting for a Be-mag Print feature but he's back on skates now and recovering fast as it seems.


Reign provides an impressive team edit compromised of Alex Burston, Bobi Spassov, Jo Zenk, Andrew Broom and Derek Henderson. "A few of the team...