Mr. Dominic Sagona

The Conference brings us the latest news from the lizard king himself. Click on the link to read his latest interview on what he's been up to. And while you're at it, re-watch his REHABCN edit because it's bad ass.

New USD Dominic Sagona UFS Throne out this Week

Dominic is possibly the world's most stylish skater, and without doubt one of the biggest icons of the sport. Dominic chose a UFS Throne with all the highest specs. The Kizer Fluid 4 has taken the anti-rocker market by storm, and the USD A-Top Phoenix Liner is USD's best liner yet. The skate includes Dom's new BHC Pro wheels, Abec 7 bearings and UC Anti-Rocker wheels. Stylish Skates? That's an understatement!

Filthy Hooligans: Dominic Sagona Remix

Dom came over to film for the BHC DVD 'Filthy Hooligans' and these clips were filmed in the 2 weeks prior to him breaking his wrist in BCN. Dom will always be one of the most stylish bladers in the game and we should all realise by now how important icons like him are to rollerblading. -Mark Trebble

Revolution “On The Spot” with Dominic Sagona

Dominic is an icon for our sport, he has shaped blading into what it is today, and the best part is, he is still going strong. Dominic is one of our good friends, he recently moved to Arizona, and we're honored to have him be a part of our skate scene. Dominic keeps things simple in his life, he focuses on his skating, music, and family. -Revolution Skateshop

Rolling Artist: Ble3k aka Dominic Sagona

Creativity is a big part of our sport and a persons ability to reinvent their skating at every new spot they come to is held in high regards. With our new category "Rolling Artist", Be-Mag tries to shed light onto the various forms skaters express their creativity in other areas than skating. Dominic Sagona found some time to talk about his passion for Drum 'n' Bass with us while he stayed in Spain at Powerhouse.

Repost: Dominic Sagona

After several injuries in the past Dominic finds his way back to normal madness. He recently visited the Powerhouse in Barcelona. Richie Eisler knows how to depict his comeback properly. Peep the show. And make sure to check back on be-mag this week since we are releasing an exclusive story about Dominic Sagona.

Dominic Sagona: Back on Blades again

After a long and complicated injury Dominic is now back on skates amazing everyone with his uncanny buttery smooth steeze! This is the beginning of his comeback! Watch out for some more Sagona action!

USD Cali Summer Edit by Erick Rodriguez

Peep this USD Cali edit featuring Jeremy Soderburg, Franky Morales, Erick Rodriguez, Dominic Sagona, Anthony Williams, and Steven Cortez. Filmed by Erick Rodriguez, Demetrios George, Armando Colunga, and Rachard Johnson.

The Blading Cup 2011 in Santa Ana, USA

On August 6th the City of Santa Ana’s Downtown East End kicks off celebration and the re-grand opening of the historic Yost Theatre, the same day as the Santa Ana Artist Walk which already draws people from all over Orange County. In the midst of the festivities going on, some of the biggest brands in blading will be throwing the 1st ever Blading Cup featuring the world's top pros Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon, Alex Broskow, John Bolino, Erik Bailey, Chris Farmer, Frankie Morales, Brandon Smith, Jeff Stockwell, Dominic Sagona and many more. There will be an AM contest at 5pm and a Pro demo at 6:30. Skaters will have the chance to win over $3,000 cash + prizes. Registration begins at 2PM at the contest site.