Competition Report: Panhandle Pow Wow 7

Last weekend was the weekend of the Panhandle Pow-Wow VII. Be-Mag was there to cover, and we've got an excellent article by Southern Scum's Chad Anthony to let you read how the competition went down. The article is accompanied by a huge amount of photos by Drew Humphrey, capturing all the best moments of the competition. Oh and there's also a sweet edit!

WRS Finals live update #4: Exclusive Be-Mag teaser

Be-Mag sent out Sam DeAngelis, Jeremy Stephenson, Drew Humphrey and Freddy White to the W.R.S. World Finals this past weekend to cover the event for us. While everyone is sorting through his shots, Sam already released a trailer for the full edit he is working on. So stay stuned for more updates, edits and shots from the finals.

Bonus BCSD Comp Pics

We're happy to bring you one last round of of pics from Ryan Loewy, Drew Humphrey, and Kris Troyer from the recent Bitter Cold Showdown X...

Bonus BCSD Tradeshow Pics

Besides what we're putting into print, we had a few tradeshow pics left over from Bitter Cold Showdown the other weekend; enjoy! And thanks again to Ryan Loewy, Drew Humphrey, and Kris Troyer for jumping on board and shooting the weekend for Be-Mag!

The Faces of BCSD

Everyone's here at BCSD! Ok, everyone except the European guys whose flights got cancelled because NYC shut down in a snowstorm... But almost everyone is here and Drew Humphrey shot a great serious of random "hello's" from some of rolling's finest!

Competition Report: Panhandle Pow Wow 2012

First and foremost please let me apologize for prolonging the viewing of this edit. It wasn't until today that I was contacted by both Blake Taylor and Ian Copp and notified that the sentences you are about to read are what is taking the official drop so long to happen. I guess deep down I have written nothing because there is not much to be said. I tried typing this ridiculously long drawn out descriptive read that would cover every aspect of the event and all things leading up to it and after. But truth be told, there is no amount of descriptive words that can explain what an incredible event Pow Wow actually is.

Pow-wow Pro/Am 2011 Contest Report + Official Edit

This must have been the nicest weekend Jacksonville had ever seen. Definitely hot, but perfect skating weather. We arrived at the park around noon on Friday, several hours before the start of the Under 18 division contest. After a few to-do's and touch ups, the Under 18 was under way and went off without a hitch. I remember some tricks from this contest that made me wonder if these kids where really under 18. Such as Zach Pollak's Full Cab Ally Oop Mizou, cess slide in, then his huge disaster back Royale on the cement ledge, or Tyler Huston's Tru Fishbrain. Everyone did an amazing job! Congrats to Zach for taking home first. Later that night, it was straight to the MacBook with Scotty Swemba by my side to work on the first Be-Mag live update.

WRS Finals 2010: additional photo update

Since the WRS finals were such a great event and we don't want you to forget about this, we are running an additional photo article update. Freddy White ("Frenchy Fries") who just got back from his 6-weeks trip through the States hooked us up with his personal view on the WRS finals.

Checking in with Photographer Sam DeAngelis

Sam DeAngelis's photography has been popping up a lot lately. If you read online rolling media than you've seen his work shooting the NY and NJ scene. Want to know more about him? So did we, so we checked in, and Sam delivered this nice little interview along with some exclusive shots!

Young Guns: Wake Schepman Interview + Exclusive Edit

Think rollerblading has no future? Guess again. It's refreshing to know that guys like Wake are out there killing it competing against pros twice their age. It's time Wake had some of the spotlight and we at Be-Mag are happy to bring you the Wake Schepman Interview!

Bitter Cold Showdown X!

Bitter Cold Showdown is already living up to its name; a damn cold and snowy drive out to Detroit but finally here and ready to rock the event coverage for all of you who won't be able to make it! -B