Franco Cammayo on Bitter Cold Showdown XII

BCSD 2012 finally going down this weekend. Skaters from all over the US – and even some from the rest of the world – embark upon the trip to Detroit for the event. We took the chance to talk to an almost legendary BCSD competitor, Franco Cammayo. Always top-ranked in the competition and always highly motivated!

Brian Weis talks about head injuries, hockey and skating in the D

Brian Weis sets a standard for up-and-coming rollerbladers. Although he may be a new name to some, he has been straight ripping well over a decade. Detroit's finest brought the best out of a young Brian Weis. Nowadays he's a hardworking, beer drinking, dog discipling, pool shooting, shit talking, college graduate that faithfully keeps shredding number one. Fresh off of the injured reserve list, Brian is rested and ready to blade.

Camp Woodward Hans Geiger Backup

A few weeks ago word got out on the internet that Camp Woodward was planning a substitute over in Europe. This info wasn't meant to be released to the general public at this point in time and the information disappeared as quickly as it had emerged. This resulted in a huge confusion amongst extreme sports enthusiasts of all flavors all over Europe, if not the world. Will there be a Woodward in Europe in the near future? Where will it be? And most importantly: when will it open its doors? Read this interview with Hans Geiger, the person that instigated it all. Get ready to get the lowdown about the current state of Camp Woodward Europe. Exlusively on Be-Mag.