Skitchin’ the Bay with Erick Garcia

Erick Garcia (ESG) is a boss that has been doing this for years. Now the time has finally come to showcase what he has been up to this past year. Although his passion has always been for street and park skating, he has always loved the feel of speed beyond normal conditions. Erick would also like to pay homage to Video Groove Magazine (VG 8) with the song selection, as he has been in the game for 20 years now and to be frank, he just keeps it OG... Enjoy, JSF! -Sean Keane

Olderblading v2.0 Edit by Beau Cottington

The old guys are at it again! Check out v2 of "Olderblading" featuring Drew Bachrach, Borja Fernandez, Eric Schrijn, Robert Lievanos, Louie Zamora, Dave Paine, Chris Calkins, Geoff Acers, Marek Doniec, Remy Cadier, Andy Kruse, Tom Hyser, Erick Garcia, Kennan Scott, Kevin Chow, Matt Hermanek, Mark Neppl, and several more. -Beau Cottington

Sean Keane Rollerwarehouse 2012 Edit

Sean Kean is back on RB skates after a brief hiatus. Here's some fresh clips of him, filmed over the last year! Sick skating! Filming by Erick Garcia, Jeremy Raff, Christian Delfino, Matt Bolger, Jeff Jackson, Casey Bagozzi, Sean Salazaar, and Peter Drozdowski. Cameos by Jeremy Raff and Brendan Tidd.

‘Urban Decay’ (1998) by Jan Welch

'Urban Decay' was the first major video I came out with, which was distributed by Video Action Sports. Features skating from Texas as well as footage from a long road trip I made with Lonnie Gallegos to San Diego, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Features profiles on Robert Guerrero, Chris Fleener, Anthony Medina, Erick Garcia and Jared Magers. -Jan Welch


  Erick Garcia and Cameron Talbott present the 2nd Filthy Fiesta, taking place on March 23rd, 2019 at 12pm at the iconic 3rd and Army in San...