Erik Droogh – 2012 Profile

Erik Droogh is one of those guys who is always busy in the background, organising events, filming people and supporting brands. But meanwhile he's got skating skills as well, as you can see in his first ever profile.

[MAG] January 2013

[MAG] January 2013 is here and brings you Erik Droogh, Beer Hendriks and many more! If you like to look at blading photos, this issue will meet your needs (again)!

Rik van Huik 2012 Edit for Adapt

Rik van Huiks new Adapt edit just dropped, check it out! Filmed by Olga Bouwhuis, Pieter Wijnant, Ben Harmanus, Thijs Tel, Erik Droogh, Vivien Butot, and Koen van Rijn.

Soulsession Bijlmer

The Soulsessions is a project to get people to skate in a large group of friends from time to time. They organize 1 or 2 big street sessions each month in the summer. It features: Rik van Huik, Daan Hegt, Tyron Balentine, Bartosz Beller, Ryan Claus, Erik Droogh, and alot of other Dutch skaters.
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Camp42 is a 20 year long tradition, mainly focusing on the community side of blading. We are trying to go back to the roots and bring bladers...

Competition Report: X-Mas Jam 2012, German Championships Inline Street

After the madness of the Shred Cologne contest just two months earlier, the final German Masterships session of the year had a lot to live up to. The frozen streets and horrible weather weren’t putting anybody off, with bladers from almost all of Europe showing up to destroy the I-Punkt Skateland for the 2000 € prize money. German competitors were also battling for the title of German Champion for 2012 and the standard was – predictably – furious.