Be-Mag Eulogy Wheels Prize Raffle Winners

Thank you to all of our Loyal US readers who entered into the contest. We were able to select the following Be-mag users and their Eulogy prize packs have been sent out. Brady Berryhill, Ared Lambert, Scott Newman and Delaney Berg, congratulations! Keep your eyes peeled for the next Be-mag raffle.

Product Review: Eulogy Wheels

Eric Miller has been rolling on a set of Eulogy wheels that are currently in the design and test phase. He has been skating them for about a month now on every conceivable surface. According to Eric, “They held up just grand." We think that's French for, "F'Yeah!"

Introducing the Eulogy × Be-Mag Collaboration Wheels

Today we're very proud to announce the birth of the first official Be-Mag wheels. These little round babies feature the infamous Eulogy urethane and measure up at 58mm/89a. Our favorite designer Tim Wolff came through with some sweet graphics. A limited amount of sets will be available at Winterclash and BCSD, so act fast!

Introducing the Circolo × Be-Mag Collaboration Wheels

We are proud to announce our first collaboration wheel with Circolo. After our succesful launches of the Eulogy × Be-Mag wheel (sold out) and the Chimera × Be-Mag wheels (sold out in the USA, almost sold out in the rest of the world) it was time for the next Be-Mag wheel collaboration!

KY Battle 2011

Meeting spot Woodland Skate Park 601 East High St. 40502 be ready to leave for the Battle 3:30pm. It's all over the city of Lexington. So, be prepared to trek around. The spots this year are sick, I am stoked to be able to take you to them. The Contest: Septemeber 10, 2011 @ 2pm. We will have registration for the contest and a best trick at the park for some prizes. You will get the city guide for the KY Battle. Then, we make the city trek all over spot to spot. The time allotted for each spot will be 45 minutes, but the skaters will determine if we stay a bit longer or leave earlier, since they are the ones skating the event. We are setting up a digital database of all the skaters and the spots so we can get an accurate rating and scoring system for each skater's performance at every spot. I am really stoked at the idea since my wife is the one who egged me on to do it. I am just amped to keep doing this every year, and continue to see all guys come from all over and kill the spots that we love here in our city. There are 4-7 spots pending on time. We are still working non stop on the contest till the day of. It's been a tradition, for sure. So I hope to see you soon. I got more work to do, it's Labor day, Prize Money $500+ split amongst 1st,2nd, 3rd Prizes provided by: Razors, Remz, Jug Footwear, Ground Control, Rollerblade, Roller Warehouse, SDSF Bro Shop, Eulogy Wheels, Bakerized Skate Shop, Denial Clothing, Campus Cruisers, HellBelliies Skate Shop, Oneness Premium, and Lion's Den Tattoo, Run by my blading buddy 20 years, Leon Cress. Leon got back into the sport because his boys got into it. They couldn't believe He could still kill it. It's awesome to have him support the competition. He was the first to step up.