The Blackjack Project: 3×3 with Fredrik Andersson

Where can you buy The Blackjack Project products? To answer that question, The Blackjack Project started an interview series with sponsored skaters to introduce the shops they skate for that sell The Blackjack Project products. First up is Hedonskate team rider Fredrik Andersson!

Fredrik Andersson Powerhouse Edit

It is finally here! Get your popcorn, turn up the volume and enjoy a little taste of Fred's trip. Shot and cut by Richie Eisler with additional filming by Dustin Werbeski.

Two Days in Linköping with Zebastian Cassel & Fredrik Andersson

I had the fortune to get a call from Fredrik asking me if I wanted to skate with him for two days and make an edit out of it. So Freddy arrived on Monday and skated two days with me and I'm pretty stoked for the clips we got. Always good to hang with a good friend and shred some street. -Zebastian Cassel

The Gypsy Project: Gypsy Free

This adventure continues the 2012 summer travels of Fredrik Andersson, Josh Glowicki, Richie Eisler and Dominik Wagner as they search through Sweden, Norway and Germany for the best places to skate and hang. And as always, we got some new Gypsies to add to the crew. Some of the most talented people in rollerblading, such as Montre Livingston, Nils Janson, Alex Popovic, Jonas Bodtker, Olav Norheim and Toms Krasovskis! -Josh Glowicki