Dre Powell “WHOA” Razors 2013 Edit

Seemingly out of nowhere, in typical Dre fashion, this new edit shows that he has been stying on his game since his last feature in the Razors video, 'COTF'. It's always such a treat watching Dre blade, and I must say that this edit just made my week, if not just summed up an awesome month of rad blading edits. Keep killing it Dre, and for god sakes, give us more! -Geoff Acers, Razors

Olderblading v2.0 Edit by Beau Cottington

The old guys are at it again! Check out v2 of "Olderblading" featuring Drew Bachrach, Borja Fernandez, Eric Schrijn, Robert Lievanos, Louie Zamora, Dave Paine, Chris Calkins, Geoff Acers, Marek Doniec, Remy Cadier, Andy Kruse, Tom Hyser, Erick Garcia, Kennan Scott, Kevin Chow, Matt Hermanek, Mark Neppl, and several more. -Beau Cottington

Josh Glowicki Razors AM Edit

Hailing from the Lone Star state, this Texan has been rocking Razors boots for a long time now... taking them all around the world and back. He's been getting a lot of exposure lately because of his non stop tours with his famous gyspy thang crew. One of the nicest dudes you will ever meet, Josh Glowicki. -Geoff Acers, Razors

Team Razors skating the Horns

This edit features Razors fiders Steven Tat, Korey Waikiki, Geoff Acers, Howie Bennett, Jon Fromm, Taylor Ritchie, Chris Calkins, Ryan Timms, Tommy Chung, Erick Rodriguez, Courtney Cain, Dan Barnes and Brent Hicks on their Horn skates.

One Minute, One Spot with Winston Wardwell

I met up with Winston Wardwell on a hot wednesday afternoon in june to film. We had a couple spots in mind for the edit but everywere we went it was just too hot. We took the hour drive down to visit SDSF skate shop and then we made our way to Sunshine distribution. Geoff Acers was kind enough to let us in to the skate park were it just kinda of happened and we had our footage. Winston was talking about true top souling the darkside of ledge the moment we got in there. It turned out be a great day. Thanks be mag! - Steve Henry (editor)