‘Through Our Eyes’ Teaser #1 by Geoffroy Dubreuil

Through Our Eyes is a rollerblading film starring Geoffroy Dubreuil, Gregory Polony, Nicolas Schopfer and Stephane Ryter also featuring some skating by Bastien Nicole, Claudio Bohli, Reto Burgin and Stéphane De Freitas. -Geoffroy Dubreuil

Geoffroy Dubreuil 3D Edit

Here we have got the brand new clip of the week brought to you by the Rolling Rock skateshop. Filmed and edited by Stephane Ryter in collaboration...

‘Through Our Eyes’: At Roskilde Street Comp

On our trip to Copenhagen we had the chance to experience the first three days of the Roskilde Festival. Here are some clips of the street comp that is held during the warm-up days of the festival. -Geoffroy Dubreuil