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Machetazo Contest 2016

Organized by the worldwide Guerreros crew, the Machetazo contest will take place for the first time in Uruguay next year! In order to start 2016 off...

Up and Comers: Michel Prado

He may have started blading relatively late, but Barcelona-based Michel Prado hasn't wasted any time since getting the wheels under his feet. Check out his latest edit and photos for proof that he shreds as hard as anyone with twice the experience, and get some insight into the man himself.

New Skate Hardware presented at ISPO Tradeshow in Munich

Photographer Holger Thalmann stopped by the booths that are relevant to your interests at this years ISPO tradeshow in Munich, Germany and snapped some pics. See exclusive photographs of the new USD Imperials, the reworked VIIs with their new Carbon 2- and Imperial-compatible soulplates and close-ups shots of the new Xsjado Avants, 2011 RB skates and much more.

Martin van Drunen: One Minute One Spot

Martin van Drunen, or you know him from the Rollerdam series (online videos), Conference edits or interviews on Be-mag...i think you'll agree that this guy always comes hard! The only skater I know inside out, but still he always finds a way to make me say WOW! We've skated this rail frequently but never will you see Martin do a trick on a spot he already did. It's hard to be fresh.. but its even harder to stay fresh and thats what martin is all about! My favorite rollerblader!