Bladermods Crüe in the Hangaren Hot Sport Centre

The Bladermods Crüe, which consists of Zebastian Cassel, Stephanie Midhammar, Julius Norrbom, Robin Bennett, and Christofer Kohn, went to the Hangaren Hot Sport Centre in Linköping, Sweden. At this sweet skatepark the guys (and girls) go all out, lacing sick tricks and bailing like bosses, but most importantly, having a blast with friends. Filmed in February and March this year and edited by Zebastian Cassel, this video gives you a great impression of how the guys of the Bladermods Crüe live their life with passion for blading. Enjoy!

Hangaren Spring Blade Jam in Linköping, Sweden

I felt it was time for the Swedish scene to come together and have fun and inspired by the rollTogether movement I thought a simple Blade Jam would be the best way to do it. Meet old and new friends and shred without heats or finals and simply have fun is the purpose for this event.

Linköping Sessions #10 by Sebastian Cassel

Sweden has some good indoor skateparks in the City of Eskilstuna (ZeroOneSix skatepark) and Linköping (Hangaren Hot Sport center). In this edit you can see Zebastian Cassel, Fredrik Andersson, Joachim Wall, Linus Hellström and many more shredding it up indoor.

Linköping Skateweek Update #1

Friday 6th of May around midnight Joe Atkinson arrived in Linköping as our secret guest rider for the Skateweek comps and demos. Joe has been a good friend of mine for years now and I'm really happy to have him over for this event. As it was getting late we just chilled for a bit then went to bed since Saturday was gonna be a busy day for us.

Linköping Skate Week 2011 Coverage on Be-Mag

Joachim Wall, Richard Karlsson and me have had countless meetings and email conversations about how to do this and we have finally agreed on everything. On Saturday we started off with a mini-ramp demo outside Linköpings biggest shopping mall called Ikano-Huset. Our guest from England Joe Atkinson will also be on the demo team and stay the whole week (big thanks to Oli Benet and The Conference!). We expect sick skating and good times during the whole week.

Billy O’Neill and Demetrios George in Sweden (update 2)

So we had an amazing time in Eskilstuna to say the least...Nothing better than sessioning with the kids at "ZeroOneSix" an extremely sick park built by the man himself Igor Jovanovic and Fredrik Andersson. Having a chance to teach some stretches to keep them healthy and truly getting involved grass roots Hedonskate style.The sessions popped off with Billy's imaculate steez and Nils Jansons' crushing every obstacle. Not to mention the street skating that went down, Eskilstuna holding us down can't wait to come back soon. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our next stop at Hangaren in Linkoping. Hedonskate and USD represent...